Smashing Conference Oxford 2014

March 17th - 19th

Vibor - difficulties of going from service to product
Matt - data-driven design isn't necessarily beautiful
Ben from Breaking Borders (Reading meetup) - animation should serve a purpose:
UX: Expectation, Distraction, Emotion Brand experience: messaging, consistencywi Browser experience: performance, accessibility Cristiano from Paypal - video sharing for battle hack days

Advanced Front End Development Workshop

Ben Bodien

  • Schedule in time for experimentation and learning
  • Print out designs and mark them up
    • What modules exist?
    • What is inconsistent?
  • Ask questions of the designer
Other workshops

Smashing Special

Seb-Lee Delisle

Psychology And The Perfect Design

Joe Leech

  • We build mental models of how the world works and apply them to new situations
  • Goal state indicates that the task is finished
  • Map questions that people ask to the information architecture
  • Thomas Edison: avoid the labor of thinking
    • Match the mental model
    • Evoke emotion

Real-Life Responsive Web Design: Lessons Learned

Dave Rupert


  • Hostile Browser Environment
  • Let the wookie win

Putting Your Images On A Diet

Guy Podjarny


  • Images make up 63-66% of page bytes
  • This is increasing
  • Know your formats: GIF, PNG, JPEG
  • JPEG compression - quality ratings are not a percentage
  • Progressive JPEG - smaller, faster, not used enough
  • Image optimisation

Digital Adaptation — Time To Untie Your Hands

Paul Boag


  • Digital professionals can change companies from the bottom up
  • Make workflow and processes more efficient
  • Planting the seeds of change with very little power

Mind The Gap: Designing In The Space Between Devices

Josh Clark

  • The digital is becoming physical
  • Design for people, not for screens
  • It’s not a challenge of technology.
    It’s a challenge of imagination
  • Anything that can be connected will be connected
  • Anything that can be hacked will be hacked

Icon Design Process

Jon Hicks

  • Designer of logos and icons:
    • Mailchimp
    • Firefox
    • Skype emoticons

Art Directing Posts, Sustainably

Scott Kellum

VOX Media

The Component Approach

Wilson Page


  • Encapsulating markup, styling, behaviour
  • FT - Fruit Machine library for galleries

Responsive Web Typography

Marku Dugonjic

  • Factors that influence the reading process
    • Black / white balance
    • reading distance
    • information density
    • screen sharpness
    • device orientation

Hardware Is Hard, So Is Software: Product Development In Bits And Atoms

Tyler Mincey

Fictive Kin

  • Compare hardware and software build process
  • Encourage delight and not expectation
  • Everyone on your team is a designer
  • Real innovation happens by moving constraints not just designing within them
  • Dieter Rams - Good design is honest

A Modern Designer’s Canvas

Andrew Clarke

Stuff and Nonsense

  • Question everything
  • Asking the client for sign off of an image of a website is harmful